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Retaila2.0 inventory managment software

Retaila 2.0 Cracked


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Our Inventory solution includesInvenory Management System in Lahore Pakistan

Invenory Software in Lahore Pakistan, Sales Management System Software in Lahore Pakistan1. Customers Management.
a. Report of all customers with outstanding balances.
b. Report of all customers with credit balances.
c. Customer History for Sales and Receipts etc.
2. Supplier Management.
a. Report of all supplier with outstanding balances.
b. Report of all supplier with debit balances.
c. Supplier History for Purchase and Payments etc.
3. Purchases Management.
a. Purchase Quotation.
b. Purchase Order.
c. Purchase Bill.
d. Purchase Payments.
e. Purchase Settlements.
f. Discounts.
4. Sales Management.
a. Sale Quotation.
b. Sale Order.
c. Sale Invoice.
d. Sale Receipts.
e. Sale Settlements.
f. Discounts.
5. Inventory Management.
a. Item Stock.
b. Item Stock in relation to Suppliers.
c. Report for quantity on hand, on purchase orders, on sale orders.
d. Report for items current value and average cost.
e. Report for items demanding reorder.(Reminder)
f. Inventory adjustment.
6. HR Pay Roll Management.
a. Salary Payment.
b. Advance Payment.
c. Report for Employees expiring visa.
7. General Expenses Management.
a. Telephone Bills, Electricity Bills, Shop/Office Rent, Legal Fees, Stationary, Transportation costs and other miscellaneous expenses.
8. PDC Management. (Post dated check)
a. Automatic PDC Receivable generation corresponding to a receipt.
b. Automatic PDC Payable generation corresponding to a payment.
c. PDC alert.
9. Accounts
a. Chart of Accounts.
b. Journal.
c. Ledger.
d. Trial Balance.
e. Balance Sheet.
f. Income Statement.
10. Data Backup & Restore Facility.
11. Software Security and Users Rights.Email: crackrequest2015@gmail.com

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